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*Choose your t-shirt, hoodie, bag, mug or apron with one of these unique designs

Let Them Eat LentilsHer Royal Bovine highness Moo-ree Antoinette has decreed that instead of meat and milk you can have lentils instead!The Walking Veg What if veggos were zombies? I’m sure they’d want your grains, not brains!

Make Love Not BaconIf you love animals, you won’t want them for their meat – just their personalities!

born again veganFor those who have re-discovered their ‘inner vegan’, with the vegan symbol of a bright, cheerful sunflower 🙂

Shiitake Happens Shiitake and other mushrooms are a super-healthy food, so when you’re down, keep calm and eat your mushies!

Eat Green Train Mean Stay Lean Eat lots of green and other vegetables and fruit, train hard and you’ll keep fit and lean!

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